At PowWow, we will be offering FREE classes for parents and adult leaders. The classes will provide you with the resources available for Scouts to receive additional awards in the Scouting program beyond the Eagle. Classes will be held at the same time as the Scout’s classes. 

March 11 - Brought to you by the UNPC:

.  Eagle Discussion - What makes an Eagle project approvable?  Ideas that can be turned into an Eagle project.  Bring any questions that you might have about the Eagle process. MARB 120  
Utah National Parks Council camps - What are the new things that we are doing at our camps?  Come and find out.  We have made it so that you can bring all your young men, and we will have many tracks that they can sign up for.  Many high adventure tracks! MARB 120  

Open Forum - Bring all your questions and concerns about advancement in Utah National Parks Council, in your Unit, etc.

MARB 120  
March 25Brought to you by the UNPC:    
What Constitutes an Approvable Eagle Project HBLL 3712  
Merit Badge Counselor  HBLL 3712  
Open Forum for any Advancement Questions HBLL 3712  

March 11 Only - Organized by Stan Mickelson, Order of the Arrow:

The Order of the Arrow: What It Is and What It Can Do for Your Unit CB 369 All 3 hours