Available Merit Badges

Please print and use the merit badge worksheets from the BYU PowWow site ONLY. If others are used, we cannot guarantee that the requirements will be covered by the instructor during PowWow. 

All merit badges require homework to be done during the two weeks between sessions, and some requirements must be completed before the program. Some merit badges also require materials or a special fee. If there is a fee, the additional amount will be charged to your credit card at the time of registration. If you transfer out of a class that included a fee, the fee will be refunded to your card. Special merit badge materials for these classes will be distributed at the PowWow.

Worksheet Instructions

  • Print the Merit Badge Worksheet for each class in which you enroll.
  • Read the requirements listed on each worksheet. Some requirements need to be completed BEFORE the first day of PowWow, so we strongly recommend reviewing the worksheet at least two weeks before the program begins.
  • Bring your worksheets to the PowWow classes—they will NOT be provided by BYU PowWow.
  • Save your worksheets in case you need to complete any requirements after the program, or in case you misplace your merit badge card.

* These merit badges have at least one requirement that must be completed before the BYU Merit Badge PowWow. Please view the worksheet beforehand to see which requirements will need extra time to complete.