Five First-Time PowWow Tips

1. Bring your Application for Merit Badge cards to the second week of PowWow

The BYU PowWow does not provide Applications for Merit Badges, also known as blue cards, at the PowWow. These have to be purchased either online or at your local Scout Shop.

2. Print off the worksheets that correspond to the Merit Badge classes you are attending

Again the BYU PowWow does not print copies of the worksheets that the Scouts must fill out to get their Blue Cards signed. With the amount of boys that register for the PowWow, this is not a possibility. The Merit Badge worksheets can be found here.

3. Find your class locations.

In the confirmation email you should have received the location of your classes. To keep Scouts from getting lost, we strongly suggest looking over a map first to find where your classes will be. If you cannot find the room numbers for your classes, call 801-422-5080 for help in looking up class locations.

4. Talk to other Scouts in the class when you are given the opportunity.

Other Scouts can be extremely helpful when you are trying to pass off the requirements for each Merit Badge. It will be much easier to work on a Merit Badge with someone else, rather than trying to brave it alone. Remember, a Scout is helpful and friendly!

5. Don't be afraid to ask questions!

Tons of people are at the PowWow just to help the Scout. There are counselors in the classes, people in Information booths all over campus, and helpers at our headquarters in the lobby of the Clyde Building. If you ever need anything, all these people are at PowWow to help!